San Andreas Real Roleplay ll GRAND OPENING

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San Andreas Real Roleplay ll GRAND OPENING

Post by Sniffle on Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:56 pm


Hello, community.

On 28th September we have opened this forum website and our server. Our server is in a roleplay mode, using a custom and an unique made script by myself. I have really worked hard because I wanted to have fun playing with you. After hours, days, and weeks of scripting it has all became fun, when I made an /akill command. It was so fun that I didn't stopped laughing for a long time. I just wrote something, it was 3:32AM. I wrote the following line in PawnoX: SendClientMessage(playerid....) and the message was: "You have been killed by an admin, FAGGOT. I was laughing so much but I removed the command due to you. I didn't want you to think I am childish and this. I just want to have fun in this community and I hope you will have too. You can browse our forums to find what you are searching. For anything specific you may contact me over private message.


So guys, about the updates. We will be updating and developing constantly. I mean, non-stop. I will be working with my best skills to improve our community.

The refunds... hmm, you could ask me or any executive admin+ for something to start having fun. If you read my thread for hiring staff, and if you are interested, let me know. We will be hiring active admins and keep our server up. It will be down if some DDoS attacker comes, but I will get my check soon and I'll get the most powerful DDoS protection which will auto-ban a DDoS'er in 30 seconds. This is it guys.

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