Forum Administration Request by Carl Johnson

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Forum Administration Request by Carl Johnson

Post by Carl Johnson on Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:18 am

I have a request to this community to give me authority over this forum. The reason for this request is for the betterment of the forum part of this community. I am sorta International Forumer and have many forums over many hosts like phpbb, prophpbb, forumotion, lefora, phpbb3, CAF, etc. So if I am granted access to the administration panel of this forum, I can maintain it very well and I assure that you'll not regret or get disappointed over my service. Everytime I open this forum, it teases me since their are some defects and many more things can be made good and I can do so. I can offer a new well prepared forum for this community if I have the permission. I can also create a Teamspeak or discord channel for this server.
Carl Johnson

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